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This Study seeks references that establish the state of the art in 2000 of distributed computing systems aka cloud computing. Cloud computing uses Internet-based computing, storage and connectivity technology to provide a variety of services.


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This Study is a request for a “state of the art" collection.  The Reward is guaranteed to be paid.  The Reward will be paid for the 1-2 references that best describe the highest level of development of the technology described in the Requirements to Match field as of the Latest Date for Prior Art provided above. The references will include enabling descriptions of the features of the system, i.e., teachings that demonstrate that the feature is functional at the time of disclosure.

Cloud Computing refers to large, hosted datacenters, usually geographically distributed, which offer various computational services on a “utility” basis. The configuration and provisioning of these datacenters is usually highly automated. Additionally, the datacenters typically use hypervisor based virtualization as a technique for delivery of these services.

Prior art of interest will provide descriptions of distributed computing systems with the following features:

1.    Multi-processor computing environment;

2.    Requesting systems;

3.    Shared and private caches for the storage of data;

4.    Java object database and server;

5.    Dynamic multi-level cache management;

6.    Automatic distribution of data to storage;

7.    Methods for viewing data;

8.    Applets operable to provide services to multiple users;

9.    Security; and

10.    Access rights management.



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