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Evolution Of A Telecommunications Network

Study ID: 697
Research Type: Validity
Expiration Date: 2011-03-07

This Study relates to apparatuses for the protection of telecommunication networks.  The patents can be seen as methods for ensuring transmission of signals through a telecommunications network by employing plural interconnected nodes in preconfigured cycles.

Completed 2011-11-22
Reward $10,000

This Study is a request for prior art, preferably non-patent literature, that provides a path to invalidity for the Study patent claims that is not already known.  

The Reward is payable to an Advisor if the Study results in prior art that provides a path to invalidity that is not already known.  

The Shared Reward payment of $100 each will be distributed to a maximum of 10 Most Valuable Researchers (totaling up to $1,000 per Study) for high quality research submissions.

Please see the individual “Details” pages for the applicable Latest Date for Prior Art for each patent.

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Please see the claims in the downloadable copies of the patents.

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