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This Study relates to a system comprising: units of a commodity that can be used by respective users in different locations, a user interface, a memory within each of the units of the commodity, a communication element associated with each of the units of the commodity, and a management component.

The user interface, which is part of each of the units of the commodity, is configured to provide a medium for two-way local interaction between one of the users and the corresponding unit of the commodity, and further configured to elicit, from a user, information about the user's perception of the commodity.  Each memory is capable of storing results of the two-way local interaction, the results including elicited information about user perception of the commodity, while each communication element is capable of carrying results of the two-way local interaction from each of the units of the commodity to a central location. The management component is capable of managing the interactions of the users in different locations and collecting the results of the interactions at the central location.

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This Study is a request for prior art, including non-patent literature, that provides a path to invalidity for the Study patent claims that is not already known. The Reward is guaranteed to be paid to the Researcher who submits the highest quality prior art. 

There is a preferred Latest Date for Prior Art of August 5, 1991.

New matter entered in USSN 243638 is only entitled to a Latest Date for Prior Art of May 15, 1994 with a preferred date of May 15, 1993.

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